Why Get Involved?

Often, we hear about teenagers getting into trouble. Seldom do we hear of young people who are 'beating the odds' despite facing some very challenges and daunting life conditions and circumstances. Your support goes far beyond funding the "Beat the Odds" Awards program. Long after the awards program is over, Memphis “Beat the Odds” continues to offer educational programs and services that impact youth in the community. Your financial donation and time commitment help youth follow their dreams and remain on the path to a successful adulthood.

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Donate now to financially support MBTO, including our goal of offering a financial award to each year's honorees. Whatever you donate is much appreciated and will be used to help our honorees and other youth achieve their goals in school and beyond.  


Help kick off another year, during which we will honor and recognize, another group of youth and young adults who are “beating the odds” and realizing success.  We will also celebrate the contributions of an adult, who has worked tirelessly on behalf of youth, in the Memphis/Shelby County, Tennessee area. However, we need your input to identify and select the most deserving individuals. Nominate extraordinary individuals for a Memphis "Beat the Odds" award by completing a Nomination Packet. Nominations for 2020 are accepted through March 13, 2020. 


Sponsoring a MBTO activity helps to support youth in our community. It also offers individuals and organizations an opportunity to bring positive attention and exposure to the community’s efforts as well as that of young people. Contact us to learn more about customized sponsorship opportunities (e.g., Educational programs, special community service opportunities, Dessert Hour, gifts, dinner, etc.).


Are you passionate about what MBTO is doing? Let us know! We are always looking for Volunteers and will help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join our team!

Attend the Awards Banquet

Help Prepare Youth for Success

Become a MBTO Awards Program Presenter

There are many ways to help prepare youth for success. As a MBTO Awards Program Presenter you can help youth to dream big! 

MBTO connects young people with positive role models. For each awards program, adults from the community serve as “Presenters”. Once connected to a young person, “Presenters” are encouraged to share their own challenging experiences with the young person they will present to the community during the awards program. 

Beyond the awards program, some “Presenters” continue to serve as “Mentors” for the youth. Some mentors have arranged internship-like experiences for the honorees, written letters of recommendation, or simply made themselves available for the youth as a source of advice as they pursue their goals.

To learn more about becoming a Volunteer with MBTO, contact us at info@memphisbeattheodds.org.